The Casino and District Historical Society Inc was formed in 1965 and consists of a group of people dedicated to preserving our history for future generations to enjoy.  The Society’s main aim is to preserve all aspects of Australian culture such as tools of trade, implements, furniture, Aboriginal artifacts, newspapers, photographs and diaries etc. and especially the early history of the local area and its early settlers.


The museum has a comprehensive collection of articles and material connected with the origins of casino and surrounding district that reflects the lifestyle of earlier residents.  The museum is always interesting in acquiring either by purchase, donation or otherwise, additional items for preservation. 


There is something for everyone to se and appreciate.  It is a wonderful opportunity to bring back memories to the older visitor and a learning and discovery experience for others.


The Society provide facilities for research of local history and can make available for reference, records, documents and other data relating to the history of Casino and District.

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Casino and District Historical Society Inc.